SUNDAY TIMES ISLAMABAD: PM Khan, in a tweet, said: Why are some of our lawmakers so scared of the ECL? Why are they so keen to go abroad?”

He went on to say that, “There is so much work to be done by politicians in & for Pak – the land they claim to love but some cannot wait to take frequent trips abroad & lawmakers have iqamas or residencies abroad.”

In another tweet, the PM stated that: “Can anyone explain this strange phenomenon to those of us who would be quite happy to remain in and work for Pakistan because we actually love Pakistan.”

Prime Minister Khan had on Tuesday termed frequent opposition walkouts in the National Assembly as “mere tactics to seek a National Reconciliation Ordinance.

The PM said in his tweets, “In a Parliament that costs taxpayers billions yearly, yet another walkout in NA by the Opposition shows that this is the only function they intend to perform. These are pressure tactics to seek an NRO & evade accountability for corruption in NAB cases not initiated by PTI.”

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf led government has been accusing the opposition for making several attempts to seek a NRO and a way out to evade accountability over corruption. However, the opposition parties, particularly the Pakistan People’s Party and the PML-N have rejected the government’s claim.