Bollywood superstar Salman Khan on much to the dismay of his fans, says he has no plans to write his autobiography. In fact, the 50-year old actor claims that he would like his story to be buried along with him when he dies.

‘Sultan’ actor who recently launched Indian tennis star Sania Mirza’s autobiography ‘Ace against Odds in Mumbai,’ said that if he did pen down his life story, it would open too many old wounds. “I think I’ll take my story to my grave, otherwise a lot of old wounds will open up.” He said talking to India Express.

As Bollywood’s very own ‘Bhai’, Salman attended Sania’s book launch to show support. “People don’t achieve in three lifetimes what Sania has achieved at just 29 years of age, I think she has a lot to say. So before she starts forgetting, she came up with this book.” Furthermore he added. “I think that was very wise and a sensible decision for her. After this, there will be more editions of her book, because Sania is an achiever who will keep on achieving.”

Moreover he said that he has known Sania for 14 years and shares an incredible friendship with her. He believes that she will do wonders, if she ever decides to enter the film industry.

“We all have to struggle. I don’t think anyone has made it without struggling. So you need to be working 10 times harder than what you actually think you’re doing,” he said.

Riding high on the phenomenal success of his latest film Sultan, the Bollywood heartthrob revealed that he plans on getting married on November 18, regardless of the year it happens. “This November 18 thing has been going on for the last 20 or 25 Novembers though! I don’t know when it will happen but it will happen for sure,” he remarked, in response to Sania asking about his marriage plans. “I know many people are complaining about me staying a bachelor for so long, you don’t know the amount of pressure there is on me. I’m talking about my mother and sisters, all of whom want me to get married,” added Salman.

Marriage looks doubtful, but Salman wants two to three children. If Salman’s photos with alleged girlfriend ‘Lulia Vantur’ are an indication, it won’t be long before we know the year of his marriage as well.