SUNDAY TIMES KARACHI: The prosecutors demanded of the government to raise their salaries and perks. They said that they should be given perks equal to that of AG Sindh or the Office of the Attorney General.

Sources said that NAB had not increase salaries of the prosecutors and added that mega corruption cases would face delay due to the resignations.

The prosecutors who have tendered resignation from Karachi region are Zahid Hussain Baladi, Razzaq Dino Kalhoro, Kailash, Niaz Merani, Khalid Mahmood and Hamayun Hameed.

In their collective resignation to the NAB prosecutor general, the prosecutors stated, “We NAB prosecutors hereby tender our resignation collectively to be treated as with immediate effect. As we served the bureau/state for a long tenure and have decided to discontinue our duties and responsibilities on the same terms and conditions of extension.”