An Exclusive Interview with . Dr. Tasawar Hayat
(Distinguished National Professor)
(Hilal-I- Imtiaz)

HAYAT, Tasawar, PHD Distinguished Professor Chairperson (Maths) accomplished researcher teacher and a prolife scholar has key role in promotion Professor science and technology for development especially among members universities of FUIW, CHINA ,SOUTH AFRICA,GERMANY,TURKEY,USA,UK AND JAPAN ETC. He is the only Pakistani scientist yet who is rated amongst ‘High Cited Scientists’ in both mathematics and engineering. Further there are total 15 TWAS fellows in mathematical sciences and only 03 amongst these are from the OIC countries. He is one of such TWAS fellows. There are 10 fellows of Islamic world academy of sciences in mathematical sciences. He is one amongst such ten. He is also the only Pakistani mathematician who is fellows of TWAS and Islamic world academy of sciences. His research particular upgraded science capacity to several members universities of FUIW Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Turkey, Malaysia, UAE, Iran, Egypt, Kuwait etc. His pioneering research has resulted in total 1959 research papers,1955 in international refereed journal publications out of which over 575 are in Usa and and 498 in uk.1897 in impact factor international journal publication , 35 conference presentation .57 seminars referee and investigation of 63 research projects editor/editorial board members for 21 international journals and referee for 87 international journals . He has successfully supervised 166(43 phd and 123 ms) students and is currently supervising 18 (10 phd and 8 ms ) students. His leadership in academics is further reflected through the research collaborations with 72 international leading scientist the world having more than 4000 impact factor ,40000 isi web h-index ,54663 google scholar citations ,98 google scholar h–index , 152 highly cited / hot declared publications by isi web and member ship of several institutional bodies and societies .In 2007 and 2011 to date , PCST has declare him the top most mathematician in the country and 2008 ,2010 , 2011 and 2012 the best researcher in the country. He has received 36(21 international and 15 national) awards and honors including Tamgha i Imtiaz , Sitra I imtiaz ,Khwarizmi International award ISESCO International . Award COMSTECH International. Award ISESCO International prize. TWAS prize for young scientist. Alexander-von-humbolt fellowship. Abdus Salam Prize several gold and silver medals .Honorary visiting and adjust professorships in South African, Malaysian, Turkey, Saudi Arabia etc. According to available published data he has been ranked the top most mathematician in Pakistan and amongst topmost mathematicians globally.
He popularized the sciences through research papers, seminars, research projects, developments of research collaborations, publicizing the contribution of universities of OIC countries updating education systems subject to the recent trends finding scholarships for younger colleagues, driving faculty and students for the involvement in basic and applied research and by organizing several international conferences globally. His research contributions include the developments of pioneering and diversified nonlinear models in the mathematical sciences. system ecology ,control engineering systems, switched systems and signal processing. In particular , he is known worldwide for his scientific contributions in research to non linear mathematical models on peristaltic flows in physiology, microbiology, engineering and industry which not only strengthened the links between mathematics and biofluidmechanies but also reflected new concepts and an excellent awareness in bioengineering and medical sciences. some constructed mathematical models by him addressed issues relevant to foundation ,technique and tools of environment information sciences, signal processing, climate change thermodynamics ,Markov jump and real time system. Attention is here focused to the resource specific indicators such as landscape agroecosystems, forests, wetlands etc. Such research advanced the basic eco system function using mathematical and conceptual modeling, system analysis thermodynamics, computer simulations and ecological theory. The carried out research advanced in applications of renewable energy and other low carbon technologies and products. In recognition of his services in the field of science (Mathematics) President Islamic Republic of Pakistan is pleased to confer upon Prof. Dr Tasawar Hayat the award of Hilal-i-Imtiaz.



Q . How are you feeling after being honored as sitar e imtiaz?

A. I was feeling proud being a Pakistani as well as mathematician. The people around me were praising and appreciating. It was a wonderful moment in my life when other were given awards for their fields and I was awarded in educational field. That is honor for me.

Q. What do you say about present educational system that prevails in Pakistan?

A. I am an optimistic person. I believe that our educational system can be made better. The need is to show willingness and sincerity. We should revise it from basic level to masters. Unfortunately, the focus of the students is to gain degree that is not the purpose of education. Education makes nations. So, we should introduce constructive education.

Q. Which educational system of a country is your favorite?

A. We need not to see around. We should try to make our own system better according to modern needs and values. I like the educational system of Singapore. A teacher teaches only one and a half hour there. But in Pakistan, a teacher takes classes 6 hour in the morning and 6 hour in the evening continuously. It is not fruitful.

Q. When I see young people who have done their masters but they are disappointed because they have not gotten jobs. Why is it so?

A. Yes I agree that students who have done their masters are disappointed due to lack of jobs. It is not a favorable situation. But they can play their role in social activities.

Q. What will be your response if students contact you for guidance?

A. Definitely, my response will be favorable. The students from Gilgit to Karachi contact me and I guide them. I am present in Quaid I Azam university all the time for guidance.

Correspondence Analysis.

I would like to mention those thing which I found and observed during interview. He is humble in his dealings. He is playing his role in administration besides education in Quaid I Azam university. He is also an active social worker.

Saif Ullah Saif
Special Correspondent Sunday Times