Addressing a seminar of the All Parties Parliamentary Kashmir Group in Islamabad information minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan and the military want solution of the Kashmir question. “Peace will benefit everyone”, Mr. Chaudhry said, adding” solution of Kashmir problem is inevitable”.

Fawad Chaudhry said India would have to take a realistic decision over Kashmir as better relations between Pakistan and India are in the best interest of the both countries. “We have fought three wars, what India achieved from these wars.

India wants to continue its hegemony in Kashmir, the minister said. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has just announced that his government will give a package of billions of rupees to Occupied Kashmir but independence cannot be bought with money, Chaudhry said.

The information minister said that the issue of Kashmir is above any political affiliation

He said that Indian allegations that Pakistan was fomenting unrest in Kashmir are baseless and the Indian government had only adopted this viewpoint because it was failed to crush the freedom struggle in the territory.

The path to good relations with India becomes more difficult in view of the atrocious conditions in occupied Kashmir, the information minister added.