Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma’s “Sultan” screened at 75-screens across Pakistan got an amazing response on Eid ul Fitr.  Last Year, Jawani Phir Ni Ani by Sig Sigma released on 80-Screens has earned Rs.46.5 million after hitting cinemas in Pakistan. Whereas, Sultan has earned 35 million on day one, 41 million on day two and 40 million on day three of Eid.  Comparing with other Hollywood film, “Finding Dory” has earned only 3 million during Eid but experts are of view that it will get a boost after Eid.

Was it Salman Khan’s fan base or story that attracted such a huge number of people? Pakis are a great fan of Bollywood movies due to some of the cultural similarities. Most of youngsters admired Salman Khan for his muscular looks and dialogue delivery. Sultan is still running in cinemas, so if you didn’t get a chance to watch it, you can still make it!