SUNDAY TIMES WEB DESK: Brie Larson’s first introduction to the other superheroes in MCU was during Marvel’s 10-year anniversary photo opportunity, which she says was “crazily timed” for everybody to meet. “It was really wonderful because I got to meet everyone at once, shake hands and go like ‘I’m the new kid, do you have any advice for me?’ And I was able to take in a bunch.”

“Marvel gave us books and we used them as yearbooks and everybody went around and signed them and I put in mine for people to give me advice on how to be a superhero. It was really lovely,” Larson said in  interview.

The Oscar-winner is in Seoul to promote the much-awaited Endgame along with co-stars Robert Downey Jr, Jeremy Renner, directors Joe and Anthony Russo, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige and executive producer Trinh Tran. The actor, who made her superhero debut as Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel, says it was surreal to come on board the MCU, which has been an integral part of her movie watching experience.