SUNDAY TIMES LAHORE: The notice was submitted by PTI lawmaker Musarrat Jamshed.

According to the notice, the CTD is speaking a lie and a fake encounter was staged that claimed lives of innocent people.

The notice also questioned whether justice will be meted out after the investigation.

Four people, including two women, were killed in a shady encounter involving the Punjab police’s counter-terrorism department (CTD) on a highway in the Qadirabad area of Sahiwal district on Saturday noon.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Sunday he is still in a state of shock at seeing the traumatised children who saw their parents shot before their eyes in what law enforces described as an encounter with terrorists.

“Still shocked at seeing the traumatized children who saw their parents shot before their eyes. Any parent would be shocked as they would think of their own children in such a traumatic situation. These children will now be fully looked after by the state as its responsibility,” he tweeted a day after the incident.

The Sahiwal incident sent shock waves across the country after one of the surviving children who witnessed the episode refuted the version of the CTD.

A child, Omair Khalil, in his initial statement said his father offered money to the people in return for not shooting at their car. “They killed my father and took the children away.”