CHAMAN: Pakistan agreed to reopen the ‘Friendship Gate’ at Pak-Afghan border on September 1st after 14 days of its closure.

After the incident of August 18 when national flag of Pakistan was desecrated by Afghan citizens, Pakistan decided to close the gate of Chaman border. Afghan protestors also attacked the gate violently and pelted stones.

Later the Afghanistan Govt. had to apologize in writing for such an incident. Thousands were affected, interrupting business activities after the Pakistan’s border officials and decision makers decided to close the doors of the borders.

Officials stated that the Chaman border was opened after the Afghans officials tendered a formal apology letter, condemning the incident.

The written apology letter was presented yesterday during a flag meeting between Afghanistan and Pakistan border officials.

In the letter, Afghanistan’s Colonel of Muhammad Ali said the August 18 incident happened because of a misunderstanding and condemned it in the strongest words.

The two sides agreed to “pay due respect to each other’s testimonials” and hold a monthly flag meeting to address issues of mutual interest for ensuring a peaceful environment.

Afghan and Pakistani traders said the border closure caused them millions of dollars in losses and urged both the governments to take steps to ensure uninterrupted movement in both directions.

There are four regular crossings between Afghanistan and Pakistan along their 2,600-kilometre frontier.

But the Chaman and the northwestern Torkham border posts serve as the two main crossings for trade and travelers.

An estimated 50,000 people, mostly Afghans, travel across the two facilities each day in addition to hundreds of trucks carrying trading goods to landlocked Afghanistan.