SUNDAY TIMES ISLAMABAD: Abdullah Nasir and Tahir Abdullah were handed capital punishment by a trial court for murdering a citizen in 2007 and later the death penalty was converted into life imprisonment by the high court.

Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa delivered strict remarks while hearing the murder case, said that witness would be responsible in the matter but not the court as it was difficult to analyse the volume of lie diluted in the statements.

“It was impossible to believe the statement that had come from a witness, Abdul Majeed, that he had laid to the ground for half an hour after being injured,” remarked Justice Khosa, adding that the witness gave a different statement in the court.

“A trial court had pronounced death sentence to both of the accused persons while high court converted their penalty into life imprisonment,” added the chief justice.

The top judge remarked the apex court was told that motive behind the murder was land, whereas no clarification was seen after observing crime records. The person who had been killed and the killers would be finished at all, he added.

Later, the top court wrapped up the murder case and directed to acquit the accused persons.