SUNDAY TIMES ISLAMABAD:The mission would assess Pakistan’s progress on global standards against monetary crimes to warrant its exclusion from the FATF’s grey list.

The talks between Pakistan and the nine-member APG delegation led by Executive Secretary Garden Hook will be held for three days until Thursday.

The visiting delegation, which arrived in the federal capital on Monday, comprises Ian Collins of New Scotland Yard, James Prussing of Department of the Treasury United States, Ashraf Abdulla of Financial Intelligence Unit Maldives, Boby Wahyu Hernawan of Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance, Gong Jingyan of People’s Bank of China; Mustafa Necmeddin of Turkey’s Ministry of Justice, Deputy Director Muhammad Al-Rashdan and Deputy Director Shannon Rutherford.

The APG assessment team would meet officials from the State Bank of Pakistan, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Election Commis­sion of Pakistan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, National Counter Terrorism Authority, law enforcement agencies and counter terrorism departments.

The FATF had placed Pakistan on a money laundering “grey list” early in 2018 but given it time to take action against further downgrade.