SUNDAY TIMES PESHAWAR: Addressing a ceremony in Peshawar, Shehyar Afridi said that social media is a tool for fifth-generation warfare that affect minds and added that conspiracies are being hatched to divide the nation on the basis of ethnicity, creed and culture.

He said that PM Imran Khan wanted to transform Pakistan into Madina-like state which negate the division of people on the basis of ethnicity and creed. Imran Khan determined to restore the respect and honour of Pakistanis across the world, he added.

The minister stressed upon the need to tackle intolerance in the society and vowed to invest on the youth. Giving the examples of Iraq, Syria and Libya , the minister said that we should not play into the hands of others.

Shehryar Afridi maintained that Pakistan has an invincible army and a great nation and added,” No one is above the law in Pakistan and future of Pakistan is glorious.”