ISLAMABAD: Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar will uncover the fourth consecutive budget in parliament today (Friday) with the positive thinking that the administration will say farewell to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) after the finishing of the current project, making ready for giving a jolt to the economy for comprehensive development and handling the beast of rising unemployment.

The policymakers contend that leaving the IMF program with a fruitful tag will empower the financial supervisors to redirect their consideration from adjustment to comprehensive development for giving a jolt to the disregarded horticulture part, fares and venture for making openings for work.

The financial backing 2016-2017 has an expense of Rs4.42 trillion. On consumption side, the obligation adjusting on remote and residential advances will be the greatest ticket thing as it will expend Rs1.6 trillion, the second greatest thing, resistance, will devour around Rs860 billion, 79 billion higher than the assigned measure of last spending plan, lastly improvement spending plan of government services to the tune of Rs6,55billion.