KARACHI: MQM’s leader Dr Farooq Sattar made a commitment to table a resolution against the chief of the Party in the National Assembly, condemning the inflammatory and anti-Pakistan speech made by Altaf Hussain

History is certainly in the making as for the first time in Pakistan, a political party would table a resolution against its own chief.

One of the most popular political parties in Sindh, particularly Karachi, Muttahida Qaumi Movement has been going through a make-or-break time since its chief made enraged comments against Pakistan and its existence on August 22 while addressing party workers and supporters at the end of a 6-day long hunger protest.

Violence erupted in Karachi after Hussain provoked MQM activists to attack media houses for the not covering their protest the way he was expecting them to.

MQM workers attacked News channel office in Karachi and clashed with police leaving one person dead and several others injured.

According to sources, the resolution is expected to be submitted in the National Assembly Secretariat on Thursday.

It is expected that the resolution is to be brought forward by all the members of MQM in the National assembly.

The resolution slams Altaf Hussain’s anti-Pakistan statements, sources said.

“We are all Pakistanis and we are ready to sacrifice our lives for Pakistan,” the resolution reportedly states.

Other political parties including PTI and PPP have also submitted resolutions calling for swift and strict action against the MQM’s founder.