Fifteen youngsters in a town in Southwest China have the scariest drive to class.

These youngsters from the ages of 6 to 15 climb a bluff as high 2,625 feet to get to their school in a close-by town. This hour and a half trip incorporates moving up 800 meter rock faces, going down shaky steps and mauling their way over uncovered shakes and is said to be demanding to the point that the kids are accounted for to return home just twice per month.

Seven individuals have passed on making the adventure, the Independent reported.

Pictures of this alarming plunge made rounds on the web after they were distributed in a state run Beijing daily paper.

The photos were taken by recompense winning Beijing news picture taker Chen Jie after he learnt of the town from a couple of companions and discovered that the kids would return home on May 14. Jie joined the kids in their move with a camera close by, prepared to record this voyage.

“It was sufficiently unsafe moving up. I can’t envision what it would resemble moving down,” Chen told CNN.

“Consider it. City guardians get stressed when their ruined children aren’t glad, however what the children here face is an impressive pit – they could fall any second,” Jie included.

A gathering of around 50 authorities made the outing to the town once the issue increased worldwide media consideration. The Global Times reported that administration authorities were surveying more secure other options to the stepping stool, including potential development of a street to associate the town, regardless of being lopsidedly costly for the bankrupted locale.