ISLAMABAD: A former authority of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) was captured for issuing a fake personality card to Afghan Taliban pioneer Mullah Mansour who was slaughtered in an automaton assault a week ago.

Sources in the Federal Investigation Agency uncovered that previous right hand chief NADRA Ghulam Muhammad has been captured for issuing a fake personality card to Mullah Mansour.

Mullah Mansour was holding a Pakistani travel permit under the fake name Wali Muhammad. Utilizing that identification he had headed out a few times to Dubai and Iran.

Wali Muhammad was issued a character card in 2002. The personality card specified his perpetual location in Chaman and present location in Karachi, a source told Geo News.

Previous associate executive NADRA had resigned from his post in 2007.

Prior this week Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar held an abnormal state meeting with NADRA authorities. Amid the meeting he communicated his dismay over issuance of fake personality cards. “Illicit CNICs has made us confront a crisis like circumstance,” he said addressing the media after the meeting.

Nisar had affirmed that Nadra hindered more than 0.23 million suspicious national character cards in recent years. Either these CNICs were issued to outsiders or Pakistanis.

NADRA issued Pakistani CNICs to 21 Chinese residents, 29 Indians, 236 Iranians, one American, 111 Bengali and Burmese, seven Moroccan, three Uzbeks, two Maldivians, one Senegal subject, 13 Egyptian and around 40, 000 Afghans got Pakistani cards, official archives only got by The News uncovered.