RAWALPINDI: COAS Sharif said on Tuesday that people of Kashmir are being subjected to worst form of state terrorism and Pakistan is not oblivious to the fact and the country will continue its moral and diplomatic support for the people of Kashmir.

“The true solution for this struggle for self-determination resides not in raining bullets upon the defenceless Kashmiri people but in heeding to their voice and respecting their aspirations. Kashmir issue can only be resolved by implementing the UN Resolutions,” said Raheel Sharif.

Addressing the Defence Day ceremony at General Head-quarters Rawalpindi, the army chief said that it was the day to commemorate not only the martyrs of September 6 but also the sacrifices of those who bravely fought and won the unconventional war against terrorism over the last decade.

“I want to make it clear over all the enemies of Pakistan that our defence is impregnable today”, the army chief cleared over Pakistan s enemies.

“A few years ago, Pakistan’s defences were under threat. North Waziristan was the hub of terrorists. But I always knew that Pakistan could fight the war and come out as the winner and we did”.

He added that Pakistan army named the operation against the terrorists after Sword of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w), a sword that could only be lifted to put brutality to an end.

He reminded the audience that atleast 18000 civilians and 5000 soldiers laid down their lives in Pakistan’s fight against terror and today no area of Pakistan is deprived of country’s flag.

“I hereby tell all the country’s enemies that Pakistan is invincible”, he said

The army chief, however, also mentioned that the internal and external threats have not ended and the country’s forces are aware of the fact.

“The only hurdle to lasting peace in the country is the nexus of crime of corruption,” Raheel Sharif said, laying stress upon the implementation of the National Action Plan (NAP) in letter and in spirit.

He also said that, “Pakistan knows how to keep friendships and deal with the enemies. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a clear example. Pakistan will deal with an iron fist with any threat to this project”

In the end, the army chief saluted “the innocent children of Army Public School (APS), the youthful students of Bacha Khan University (BKU), Balochistan’s lawyers, martyrs of the nation, valiant men of the armed forces, intelligence agencies, Rangers, Police, and Levies” whose lives were laid in the defence of the country.

“On behalf of my entire nation, I want to impress upon the enemies of peace and humanity that if we can win, we also know how to protect our victory”