SYDNEY: A Sydney restaurant launched limited Pokemon burgers based on the characters of a well-known cartoon and a blockbuster smartphone game, Pokemon GO.

People can’t wait to have a bite on a yellow Pikachu, orange Charmander or green Bulbasaur burger as the Sydney’s Hashtag Burger and its pop-up restaurant Down N´ Out Burgers are offering 100 “Pokeburgs” a day til 3rd September. Long queues of people lining in front of the restaurants waiting to experience those amazing Pokeburgs.

The first of the PokeBurgers began being dished out on Tuesday afternoon but given their limited supply, there’s a one per person rule.


According to the staff Pikachu burger with corn  chips ears had yet been most popular among people but the restaurant had decided that the customers would not be able to choose the burger or the character. they’ll be given a surprise just like the game Pokemon GO.

According to UK site Metro, the burgers were developed by Down N’Out’s creative director Ben Kagan—and the absence of Squirtle is due to the fact that they couldn’t get the buns to turn blue.

Down N’ Out is offering the burgers until September 3. Each costs AUD$15.