Zoe Viccaji’s latest release ‘Ho Jao Aazad’ is giving us some serious travel goals, but regrettably, it feels more of a roller coaster ride.

The vocals in the four-minute music video are soft and pack a punch nonetheless, but we wish we could feast our eyes on the beautiful shots longer than the rapid cuts allow. It was too much to take in.

It starts with Zoe in search of her train at Karachi Cantt. Station, after which we’re transported to the the northern areas of Pakistan. From here on she’s seen at one with nature, kicking, jumping, lying in the grass, having the best solo trip and leaving us with major travel goals. Who said you need friends to go on a trip?

The video also features the singer mingling with the locals; however, we barely noticed any girls, none, in fact, except for a little girl smiling into the camera.

But hey, she’s already got us humming her song and listening to it on repeat.