Islamabad: The Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan on Thursday expressed anger over the deliberate falsehoods and allegations concocted by the PML-N propaganda cell that overseen by Maryam Nawaz using public money to target his charities.

According to the press statement, Imran Khan stated these charities were being targeted with false accusations in a desperate bid to divert the public’s attention away from the Panama Papers revelations about the Sharif family’s money laundering, tax evasion and concealment of assets. Khan said the Sharif’s had crossed all limits of corruption.

He pointed out that first Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust (SKMT) was targeted without verifying any of the allegations despite the fact that the SKMTH was spending Rs. 4 billion a year to provide free cancer treatment to the poor and needy.  All this was raised through donations from the public, which has consistently reposed its trust in the SKMT charity. As expected, the propaganda stood immediately exposed as a pack of lies and donations to SKMT rose in the wake of this propaganda attack.

Khan went on to add that now the same PML-N propaganda cell under Maryam Nawaz’s supervision has sought to target Namal College where 90% of students are provided free education culminating in a Bradford University degree – which would otherwise cost a student at least Rs. 2 – 3 crores.  The lies that were spread now stand exposed by a Trustee of Namal College who is also the designated point man for the charity in the UK – Tahir Nawaz.

Chairman pointed out that this gang used the official news agency, the Motoo Gang put out that a newspaper had stated that the UK Charities Commission had begun an investigation into Namal’s charity. Tahir Nawaz has informed that newspaper Metro denied ever mentioning Namal nor has the Charities Commission begun any investigation into any IK charity.  In fact the Charities Commission also categorically denied any ongoing investigation.

Furthermore, Tahir Nawaz has also on record pointed out that he had details of all bank accounts and fundraisers and no money was ever sent to Dubai let alone to any of IK’s sisters or offshore investment.  Imran Khan also reminded that the accounts of Namal College are in the public domain and can be verified by anyone interested – and Khan has also put them on the social media through twitter.

Khan said such vendettas, deliberately targeting charities that were providing excellent services in the medical and educational fields with falsehoods were simply to try and pressure him and his party to stop demanding accountability of the Sharif family in the wake of the Panama Papers’ revelations. “My march is against these criminals” Khan concluded.