Islamabad: Pakistan Foreign Office Spokesperson Nafees Zakaria said that India is helping the terrorists by providing financial assistance.

Zakaria said in the press conference on Thursday that Pakistan has suffered a lot against terrorism and claimed that India is providing financial assistance for promoting terrorism in the country

“Confessions of Kulbushan Yadav reflect India’s policies towards Pakistan,” Zakaria said.

Nafees said that Pakistan and United states are working together in the war against terrorism. “US has recognized Pakistan’s efforts against terrorism,” he said.

Zakaria stated that more that 10,000 Kashmiris have been injured in clashes with Indian forces in Occupied Kashmir whereas 700 have lost their eyesight after being hit by pellet gun shells fired by the Indian troops.

He further said that Pakistan deems the memorandum of understanding signed by India and United States as an agreement but it should not affect the balance of power in the region.