We have foiled the Indian plan to spread hatred,” the prime minister further said in a meeting with senior media persons.

Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his government’s determination to seek solution of the Kashmir issue.

He also informed the media persons, ” we are going to form the parliamentary committees today”.

He said that his government has special focus over the creation of the promised South Punjab province.

The prime minister said that the Army Chief has been on the same page with the government over seeking solution of the missing persons’ problem.

Commenting on the decreasing value of Pakistani currency, Imran Khan said he came to know from television news about rise of the dollar in comparison to Pakistani rupee.

He said the State Bank had decided about devaluation of the Pakistani currency. The government is going to devise mechanism that will bound the central bank to inform the government before decision of the devaluation.

Prime Minister Khan commenting on US President Trump’s letter to him, said Pakistan will take every possible effort for seeking solution of the Afghanistan issue. He said he received the US President’s letter this morning