Pakistan’s foreign minister said that this corridor is a path to minimize distances between the two countries. “We have historic issues with India, but what is solution of these issues.

From the very first day of the government the prime minister has expressed his desire for peace in the region, Qureshi said. ” War could not resolve problems. Both countries are nuclear powers and a war in them will be suicide, Pakistan’s foreign minister said.

Kartarpur Corridor is an effort to wipe out distances, Qureshi said. People were arriving here by Wagah border crossing, travelling a distance of 400 kilometers, now we have cut it to four kilometers, the minister said.

Qureshi said that the decision of opening Kartarpur Corridor is a change of mindset. The prime minister is laying foundation stone of a visa free corridor linking the two countries.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi called the development a pleasant change.

He said Pakistan has issues of economic stabilization, governance and the menace of corruption, which could only be resolved with peace and peace will only be achieved when our eastern and western borders will be secured.

“We are asking Kabul and New Delhi to sit with us, we will jointly resolve the problems”, the foreign minister further said