SUNDAY TIMES LAHORE: Mansha appeared before the anti-corruption watchdog alone after issuance of notices for the third time.

However, Mansha’s sons, Mian Hassan Mansha and Mian Umar Mansha, have not appeared in the interrogation session again here on Thursday, sources said.

On March 13, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had summoned business tycoon Mian Muhammad Mansha along with his sons on March 14 (today).

The summon notices had been sent to his residence located in 28-Main Gulberg – Lahore which was received by Mansha’s employees, sources said.

The accused persons have been directed to bring complete money trail beside ownership documents of Saint James Hotel and Club, the notice stated.

Mian Muhammad Mansha had bought multi-billion dollars Saint James Hotel and Club in 2010 in London and he was also facing charges of illegally transferring funds to United Kingdom (UK).