Pakistani Music Encyclopedia Muhammad Naseer is no longer with us. He was considered as the encyclopedia of music who knew all Indian and Pakistani songs produced during 1950-1980. He was 61-years of age when he passed away on Sunday 26th June, 2016 leaving thousands of mourners behind him.

Not only he knew all the songs and its lyrics but he also memorized the names of the films, their leading roles, poets, producers and directors, and release date. His famous segment, “Naseer bhai’s Challenge” in TV program “Khabardar” earned him huge fan base in which he hardly failed to answer any question about lyrics and songs.

He was diabetic and suffered from Hepatitis C. His best friend Tariq Butt revealed that he was living with his relatives and used to take his illness very lightly. He was hospitalized since past week, used to live a very simple life and died the same way!

His fellow panelist at a TV program, “Khabardar” Agha Majid said that he never talked ill about anyone. He knew so much about film music. His death was unbelievable and a huge loss for us.