SUNDAY TIMES ISLAMABAD:  President Arif Alvi has summoned the 11th session of the lower house of Parliament to meet in the Parliament House at today 4:00 pm.

The Pakistan Tehreek-i-InsaF-led federal government will present its first federal budget for upcoming fiscal year 2019-20 in the NA session on June 11.

The budget will likely envisage taxation measures, elimination of tax exemptions, curtailment of special treatments, fiscal management, revenue mobilisation, measures for economic stabilisation and growth, reduction in non-development expenditures; boosting exports besides providing relief to the masses, promoting investment for job creation and people friendly policies for the socio economic prosperity of the country.

Main focus in the budget would be on fiscal consolidation and revenue mobilisation while the government is likely to enhance allocations for social safety for providing maximum relief to the vulnerable segment of society.