SUNDAY TIMES ISLAMABAD:According to details, the NEPRA approved the tariff in Islamabad following the recent hike in fuel charges. It is reported that the cost of electricity production has been raised by Rs3 billion due to increase in gas prices.

Besides, in the month of February, 22.7 percent of the power was generated by water resources.

The hike in power tariff will put an additional burden of Rs5 billion on consumers, however lifeline, K-electric and agricultural consumers have been excluded from being charged.

The power tariff hike comes days after the prices of petrol and high speed diesel were increased by Rs6 per litre.

Inflation rose to 9.41 percent year-on-year, up from 8.21 percent in February, Bureau of Statistics data showed on Monday, lifted by sharp rises in food, fuel and transport costs that have squeezed household budgets.