Speaking to a mix of international and national audience at the inauguration ceremony, President Alvi asserted, “War is no option; our weapons are for peaceful intent and will be used for defence, never for offence”.

Nevertheless, he clarified that peace efforts of Pakistan should not be misinterpreted as its weakness adding that, “We have handled our borders strongly and sent a strong message to our neighbours.”

The chief guest of the ceremony President Alvi appreciated that Pakistan has handled terrorism and “Pakistan Army has an important role in the elimination of terrorism and is a strong wall against terrorists.”

Recognizing accomplishments of the country in war on terror, he said “Pakistan Army is one of the most experienced forces in the world in the war against terror and we are proud of our martyrs.”

Dr. Alvi recounted the massive losses to Pakistan’s economy incurred by terrorists and how Pakistan provided refuge to “3.2 million people who had been affected by the Afghan war.” He added that the government is putting efforts to the best of its potential to stabilize the economic situation of the country.

“In Pakistan, the Constitution provides all forms of security to all citizens. The well-being of the nation is the government’s responsibility and the government is on the path to Naya Pakistan,” the president said

President Dr Arif Alvi was the chief guest at the opening ceremony of the four-day international defence exhibition which is being attended by 262 high-level delegations from 51 different countries.