SUNDAY TIMES ISLAMABAD: The foreign office denounced the vigilant Saudi defence forces for intercepting the projectiles, according to the statement.

“Pakistan reaffirms its solidarity with Saudi Arabia and reiterates its support against any threat to the security of the Kingdom,” the Foreign Office further said in the statement.

Earlier on Monday, Saudi Arabia had said that it had intercepted two missiles from Yemen’s Houthis in Makkah province which includes Jeddah and Taif.

A Saudi coalition spokesman said, “Royal Saudi Defence Forces spotted aerial targets flying through restricted areas in the provinces of Jeddah and Taif and dealt with them as required by the situation,”

Imam-e-Kaaba and Head of the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques Sheikh Abdurrahman Al Sudais also strongly condemned what he termed attempts to target Jeddah and Taif by “a body with no religion”.