SUNDAY TIMES ISLAMABAD: Recounting his experience, the PM said, the approach towards “change arose in my mind when I moved to Britain and saw their lifestyle, and the residences of political leaders there.”

The home of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was located in a simple building at Downing Street of London and on the contrary, “our leaders reside in lavish palaces,” PM Khan lamented.

He further exemplified the leaders of Medina who never spent the nation’s money on their self.

Premier Imran asserted that objective behind transforming the Prime Minister House into a university, is to bridge the gap between ruling elites and masses.

Since childhood, “we have seen big homes of all leaders and the Prime Minister House is a symbol of colonialism era,” Khan stressed upon eradicating the norm from the country.

Urging the youth to raise their voice against the wrongful use of taxpayer’s money, the prime minister assured that the wealth recovered from the looters, of the national kitty, will be spend on the education sector.

After coming into power. Prime Minister Imran Khan vowed to modify the Prime Minister House into a state-of-the-art educational institute – a promise he fulfilled today. Moreover, the Governor Houses across the country have also been opened for public under his leadership.