SUNDAY TIMES MAKKAH: According to details, the two leaders discussed matters of mutual interest during their meeting in Makkah and took stock of the current state of bilateral, political, economic and trade relations.

They also agreed to expedite decisions taken during the visit of the crown prince to Pakistan in February this year, in particular, early implementation of decisions taken during the first meeting of the Supreme Coordination Council.

The prime minister also thanked the Saudi government for extending oil facility to Pakistan on deferred payments.

Both sides agreed to regularly exchange views on all issues of mutual interest.

Prime Minister Khan is currently in Saudi Arabia to represent Pakistan at the 14th Summit of OIC being held in Makkah.

The conference titled ‘Makkah Summit: Together for the Future’ is being hosted by Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

The conference aims to unite Muslim countries on one platform to better tackle the difficulties and challenges they are facing.