SUNDAY TIMES ISLAMABAD: These views he expressed, while chairing a meeting of the Task Force on Civil Service Reforms in the federal capital here today.

The prime minister regretted that bureaucracy was heavily politicized during the past ten years which resulted in its inefficiency and created a fear amongst the bureaucrats.

“The bureaucracy was considered to be amongst the best in the region in 1970s but today it needs reforms,” he lamented

The premier maintained the bureaucracy will be depoliticized and freed from all kinds of political pressures in the reforms process, adding that the existing system cannot compete with private sector where merit determines the positions and seniority.

“No system can sustain or deliver if accountability and merit is missing,” he said and urged for the dire need to promote professionalism in every sphere to uplift the country.

Showing his resolve for protecting integrity and security of tenure of bureaucrats, the premier said, “We have to attract best minds to serve the country.”

Imran Khan said talent is abundant in the country but only the existing system does not allow talent to emerge at the biggest stages.

The PM stressed for checking the wastage of resources.  He said we are also bringing a model local government system wherein local representatives will be fully empowered to carry out public welfare work.