The world went berserk with the news of recent rivalry between global stars Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone.  The so-called alleged rivalry between Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone seems to be taking an interesting turn. It all started when DP refused to share stage with “PeeCee” during a recent awards function held in Madrid. Although both the international divas have time and again maintained that they are still besties and the so-called rivalry is just the figment of imagination of the media, the awkwardness between them was clearly visible when they both shared the stage at IIFA Awards in Spain this year. Now, if that wasn’t enough, Priyanka Chopra, while addressing the media at a magazine launch, said that she thought “Deepika and she are still good friends”. She said, “I thought Deepika and I were friends. Now has become competitor? I didn’t say anything. The way we were, we are still the same.” While PeeCee again passed the ball in the media’s court and blamed them for speculating friction between them.While the ‘xXx: The Return Of The Xander Cage’ actress kept mum all this while; in her latest interview, she spilled the beans on the issue. The leggy lass claimed that “Priyanka is a fabulous performer” and she did not want to spoil her performance at the gala night. They might not have done the dance together but Deepika says “One can always play the song and see them perform ‘Pinga’ together.”

We hope these rumors eventually turn out to be what they are, and we hope to see these global stars create magic on screen together in the near future