Ramzan Transmissions might be a source of attraction for you but for most of the channels it is a gold mine as it attracts a huge number of sponsors. The worst part is that most of the controversial media personalities are hosting these programs like Veena Malik and Hamza Ali Abbasi. To many people who becomes a part of these transmissions, it is more or less like an Aladdin’s Lamp where you can ask for anything from cell phones and bicycles to cars and gold sets.

Moreover, the participants seems so greedy or senseless to go any extent to get a free cell phone.

Apart from games, some of the topics being raised by anchors have faced a lot of criticism like Hamza Ali Abassi’s topic on why ahmedi’s are declared as non-muslims and problems they are facing after being stigmatized. The transmission was followed by a huge criticism on social media and other channels that PEMRA had to ban Hamza Ali Abbasi from Ramazan transmissions.

The King of Ramazan Transmission Amir Liaquat has been banned by Sindh High Court for three days due to insaneAmir Liaquat behavior or rather somewhat cheap behavior.

Veena Malik is seen giving lectures on Islamic Values has faced a huge criticism being presented as a repented angel.

Finally, Fahad Mustafa is seen promoting a sentiment of greed and materialism at its best in his renowned game show.

Are these our true Islamic Values?

Of course not!

There is another side of the frame where a few Ramazan transmissions are not only entertaining but enriched with Islamic values featuring Sarmad Khoosat and Ahsan Khan.

Featuring religious scholars with decent anchors can be a great combo for next season who can preach true values of Islam like tolerance to make a better society.