ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly unanimously approved resolution condemning anti-Pakistan speech made by MQM founder.

MQM Lawmaker Sheikh Salahuddin submitted the resolution. It was endorsed by at least 22 legislators. The resolution condemned the violence that took place in Karachi on 22nd August when the party’s founder incited MQM workers to violence.

The resolution demands that action be taken against all those responsible. It read that MQM must be welcomed as it is a Pakistan-loving party and has a history of playing vital role in independence of the country.




After the assembly, senior MQM leader Farooq Sattar stated that MQM-Pakistan would not forward its decisions to London for endorsement and will take every action by itself.

He also added that, “we are not here talking about illegal police stations.” He highlight that neither prime minister nor any other leader used the word ‘traitor’ in reference to MQM.

Mr. Sattar told media the attempts of ‘forced change in loyalties’ should now end.