SUNDAY TIMES ISLAMABAD: The meeting of the committee was held under its chairman Senator Rehman Malik.

The chairman said the committee had proposed the government to execute the rapist in public and was now awaiting response.

State Minister for Interior, Shehryar Afridi, also appeared before the committee. He said the culprit should be given exemplary punishment, as well as public hanging.

On January 5, district police officer Abbas Majeed Marwat said blood samples of over 270 suspected people had been sent to a forensic lab in Lahore for DNA test but they didn’t match with the samples collected from the crime scene.

He said blood samples of 20 more people who stayed as guests in the village where the incident took place had also been sent to the lab.

Three-year-old girl, Faryal went missing when she went out of her home to play with other children of the neighborhood on Dec 25. Her body was found in an isolated place two days after her disappearance.

On Jan 4, the suspected rapist and murderer of an eight-year old girl in Nowshera confessed to his crime before an anti-terrorism court .

Police presented 21-year-old Yasir before the court after completion of his physical remand. He confessed to the felony before the ATC judge who sent him to prison on a judicial remand until the next hearing.