LANDI KOTAL/KARACHI: The three services chiefs have said their troops are fully prepared to counter any external aggression and protect the motherland and warned India not to underestimate fighting capabilities of Pakistan’s armed forces.

Addressing a tribal jirga in Bara, Khyber Agency, on Thursday, Chief of the Army Staff Gen Raheel Sharif termed India’s claim about surgical strikes a drama and said: “India had staged a drama about its so-called surgical strikes by making false claims about intruding 30 kilometres into Pakistani territory on at least five locations.

“If we were to carry out any surgical strikes inside India, they will teach their future generations in their educational institutions about how Pakistan conducted those strikes.”

India had claimed that its forces had carried out surgical strikes in Azad Kashmir on Sept 28, which was rejected by Pakistan.

“I have given a very clear message to Modi Sarkar that we have fought and sorted them out [Taliban], so if needed to fight with uniformed [Indian] army, we will pierce in the middle of their army,” said Gen Sharif, who will hand over command of the army to his successor on Nov 29.