Pakistan Independence Day 14 August is observed annually in Pakistan, the remarkable day because on this day Muslims of sub-continent achieved the independence after the end of the British rule in 1947. The strong Pakistan movement became the base for the creation of Pakistan. Muslims of sub-continent struggle for the separate homeland and their purpose to achieve the separate homeland is not only getting the separate state but a state where they can easily spend their lives according to their religion and they are free to move according to their wish.

History of Pakistan Independence Day:

Two strong men are credited with having secured the existence of beloved country Pakistan. The first was Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the poet of the nation and philosopher, he proposed the creation of a separate State for the Muslims on those parts of the sub-continent where the Muslims are in a majority, Allama Iqbal demanded the separate homeland on his AllahAbad Address. On a historical day, 23rd March 1940 Muslims openly demanded an independent homeland. Lahore Resolution Qarardad-e-Pakistan has been passed, this Resolution also called Pakistan Resolution, Muslims started the Movement with aimed at creating an independent Muslim State, the state led by All India Muslim League under the leadership of the great leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah. For their cause they made sacrifices, but they didn’t agree to drop their cause Muhammad Ali Jinnah took it into practice, initially British were reluctant to divide the sub-continent, but Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s mixture of brilliant advocacy skills and pure determination Muhammad Ali Jinnah got his way.  In the end, Muslims with the firm leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah achieved a separate homeland ‘Pakistan’. Pakistan came into being into two parts, East Pakistan and West Pakistan. We have lost our one arm in 1971, Fall of Dhaka and East Pakistan appeared in the name of “Bangladesh’.

Creation of Pakistan and Islamic Date:

After long struggle and sacrifices, the Muslims of Sub-Continent achieved a separate homeland Pakistan, the most important and notable point is that it is coincident that Muslims of sub-continent get the independence on 27th Ramadan, this day is regarded as most sacred for the Muslims.

 Muhammad Ali Jinnah Founder of Pakistan:

After creation of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam became first Governor General of Pakistan. In PakistanMuhammad Ali Jinnah is a universally revered figure, Quaid-e-Azam is the founder of Pakistan and his image and his name depicted on buildings. The Pakistani nation called him as Quaid-e-Azam which means Great Leader or Leader of the people.

Meaning of Pakistan:

14th August is a valuable day for the Pakistani nation because this day has a long history and also long struggle for our great leaders. The Pakistani nation have great respect for this day and the most important is that this is the Independence Day, in Urdu language Pakistan Independence Day is called “Youm-e-Istiqbal,” the full name of Pakistan is “ Islamic Republic of Pakistan” in the Urdu language “Islami Jamhoria Pakistan.” Word Pakistan is a combination of two words, and the first word is “Pak” which means “Pious” and the second word is “stan” which means “homeland.” These two terms belong to Persian and Urdu language.The slogan that the people commonly says “Pakistan ka matlab kia….

Public Holiday on 14th August:

14th August holiday is one of the Pakistan six holidays observed in Pakistan, and the day celebrated in the entire country. On 14th August all government and non-government offices, organizations, educational institutions, major markets, post offices although almost every running business running places remain closed on Independence of Pakistan.

Celebration of Pakistan Independence Day:

14th August Pakistan Independence Day is a public day of dedication and pride for the nation throughout Pakistan, and Independence Day celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion all over the Pakistan.

The main celebration of Pakistan Independence Day starts from Islamabad, and then other regions in Pakistan. The day began with gun’s fires at the early Morning. In Karachi at Quaid-e-Azam and in Lahore at Allama Iqbal’s tomb, the changing of guards and guard of honor is presented, almost the place is full of people who want to see the live view of this honor, they carry flags, badges, and other things which show their love and respect for their great leaders. At the occasion of independence, the badges of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal are most popular among others.

Celebration at Educational Institutions:

Pakistan Independence Day celebrations held in schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions, they arrange the seminars and events to celebrate and recall the history of this day, main heads of the departments and also the participators deliver speeches and appreciate the hard efforts of the freedom fighters. Students with groups or singly performed emotional scenes related to the freedom struggle, they also sing freedom songs, such as Milli Naghmy, they also deliver speeches to enlighten the importance of Independence Day.

Independence Day Celebration at other places:

Not only educational institutions but also many events and seminars are held by the private companies and also other organizations, they invite famous personalities and celebrities in their Independence Day functions. Some organizations prepare unique and big cakes with the tag of “Happy Independence Day” or “Pakistan Independence Day” or “Jashn-e-Azadi Mubarak”.

Decoration with Flags and lights:

The most notable thing is all the official and major buildings are decorated with the lights, flags, and lasers.  Little children put small paper flags on their homes especially on doors and windows, and people also decorate the street with the big banners and flags. Most of the peoples go outside the home, they put big flags on their cars, bikes, cycles, and other vehicles and they put the big flag on the roof of their homes also.

White and Green suits on 14 August:

Particularly for the Independence Day boys, girls, children, mostly people prefer to wear white and green costumes, such as t-shirts, shirts, kurta printed with Pakistani flag, Pictures of leaders, and much more related to Independence Day. Pakistani girls wear white and green shalwar kameez with the Duppta of the same combination, white and green bangles and also badges.

National Anthem and Independence Day songs (Milli Naghmay):

Every place in the country the sound of the national anthem and also independence songs “Milli Naghmey” can be heard on this particular day. Many famous patriotic songs became the part of the 14 August celebration such as, Sohni Dharti Allah Rakhy, Dil Dil Pakistan, Ha Jazba Junoon, Maoun ki dua pori hui, Mera peigham Pakistan and many others. All these songs narrate the historical story of Pakistan Movement and Independence with the several aspects.


Pakistan is our beloved country, our identity is Pakistan, we should consider Pakistan first, if we can do a little good for our country, then no doubt we will become great nation. If we unite then no one dare to say or do anything against Pakistan. Pakistan long live, Pakistan Zindabad.