KARACHI: The Anti-Pakistan remarks made by the MQM chief blew minds of lawmakers of Sindh Assemble and fired them up against the MQM founder.

Senior MQM legislator Syed Sardar Ahmed moved the resolution against party founder for his apparent remarks against Pakistan that drew hornet’s nest in the country.

Lawmakers also condemned attack on an private news channel’s office in Karachi and said asked for strict punishment to the people responsible for that.

PTI also passed a separate resolution against the MQM’s chief.


PTI’s Khurram Sher Zaman said that after Altaf Hussain’s Anti-Pakistan speech he must be executed as a punishment.

He claimed that Altaf was a friend of anti-Pakistan elements. “We must accept that Pakistan state had made some mistakes in the past for letting him go scot-free.”

He said: “We won’t accept politics of weapons in Karachi anymore.” He reiterated that anyone speaking against Pakistan must face charges under article 6 of the Constitution.

The legislator also hailed the Mutahida Qaumi Movement (Pakistan) statements on their party founder and later their disassociation from MQM London.