SUNDAY TIMES KARACHI : Murad Ali Shah in a statement said that Sindh produces 70 percent of gas in Pakistan, still the province being deprived of the fuel.

“Under Article 158 of the constitution the province that produces gas have priority entitlement over its usage,” Sindh chief minister said.

Scarce supply of gas to the province is equal to snatching livelihood from people, he said.

The industries and CNG stations in the province have been closed, while domestic consumers are also facing hardships, the chief minister added.

The closure of CNG stations has hit hard to the public transport in Karachi causing hardships for the commuters in the city.

There were many reasons being given from various quarters for a sudden crisis of gas in the province.

Sindh’s energy minister Imtiaz Shaikh in his statement said that Sindh being subjected to excesses and alleged that the province’s quota of gas being slashed to supply it to other provinces.

The Sui Southern Gas Company , earlier said that a fault at three gas fields in the province was the key reason of the crisis.

While, the Minister of Petroleum has hold the two gas companies responsible for the crisis situation.