It may be every coffee lover’s dream, but it isn’t coming true yet.

Contrary to rumours on the internet, popular American coffeehouse chain Starbucks is not setting up shop in Pakistan.

In the past fortnight, news of Starbucks’ impending arrival has been circulating on social media forums, and fans of the coffee company have been speculating where it’s likely to open its first outlet.

Upon enquiry from Starbucks’ press management, Images learned that Starbucks has “no plans at this time to open a store in Pakistan.”

This isn’t the first time wishful thinking has gotten out of hand. There have been strong rumours in the past that a whole bunch of coveted foreign brands’ are “coming to Pakistan”, from fashion retailers like Zara and Victoria Secret to tech giants like Apple.

Those brands have yet to materialise — and Starbucks won’t either. At least, not yet.