SUNDAY TIMES ISLAMABAD:In an interview to the Turkish state broadcaster Turkish Radio and Television , he said that it was always tough to remove a status-quo that is deeply embedded and entrenched in a society, but a ‘genuinely popular public movement’ had finally pushed it out.

“The previous governments didn’t allow the courts to function, and the state institutions supposed to prosecute the criminals and big politicians were controlled by the same politicians”, he said.

“The Pakistani institutions are no longer controlled by such elements and they are free to go after anyone, be it a land-grabber or a politician involved in criminal activities”, he added.

“In our entire history, the powerful always got away [with their wrongdoings], and the weak got in jails. But now, the law is taking its course against people making billions [through corruption]”, he said.

He said that Pakistan had taken a downward trajectory since 1985 and a country which was once the fastest-growing economies in Asia, had now been taken over by India, Bangladesh and even Sri Lanka.

“Corruption not only syphons off money that should be spent on people, but it also destroys institutions”, he said.