WASHINGTON – After United States President Barack Obama has termed Donald Trump “unfit to become the US president,” the Republican presidential nominee seems to be hell-bent on proving the incumbent president right every day.

On one side he is stuck in a controversy over his remarks about slain US Muslim soldier’s mother Ghazala Khan, and on the other Mr Trump started a new heated debate by saying that he would ask his daughter Ivanka to “find a new career” if she was ever sexually harassed by her boss at work.

He said this in an interview with USA Today’s columnist Kristen Powers while commenting on Roger Ailes, the former Fox News boss, who is accused of demanding sex from multiple female workers in exchange for career advancement.

Adding on, Trump also termed the former Fox News officials as a “very talented” and “good person”.

“Some of the women that are complaining, I know how much he’s helped them,” Trump said answering a question about the issue in an interview with NBC last week.

Earlier, Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump, while speaking at the recent RNC event which nominated his father a presidential candidate, had termed her father as a feminist who backed his female employees, adding that he was a “gender-blind” person.