SUNDAY TIMES ISLAMABAD: During the meeting, Dr. Alvi drew the attention of the UNGA’s president to the barbarism of Indian authorities in occupied Kashmir.

Expressing hopes, Dr Arif Alvi said, under the leadership of Graces, UN will further strengthen and will make considerable headway in conflict prevention and resolution, and in addressing major outstanding issues on its agenda including Jammu & Kashmir.

Further, Alvi assured Garces of Pakistan’s continued struggle to have its national agenda aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. “Pakistan will always play an active role to support the United Nations and its charter,” he added.

President Alvi further highlighted that Pakistan is proud to have contributed substantially to global peace through our robust participation in UN Peacekeeping Missions.

While discussing the UN Security Council Reform, Dr. Alvi stressed “Pakistan wants this reform process to proceed on the basis of consensus which should be reflective of the aspiration of all member states.”