WASHINGTON: The United States completely guaranteed Pakistan on Tuesday that it didn’t support independence of Balochistan.

Yet, on Tuesday, the State Department imparted another announcement, evacuating all ambiguities about its position on an issue that numerous Pakistanis fear can be exploited to endanger the very existence of their nation.

“The US government respects the unity and territorial integrity of Pakistan, and we do not support independence for Balochistan,” said a State Department official.

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Yet, the official also expressed US concerns about the human rights circumstance in the region where Pakistan is battling a stewing revolt by both separatists and religious extremists.

International monitors assert that both insurgents and security forces commit human rights violations in Balochistan.

Official additionally expresses concerns over human rights situation in region

““We do have concerns about the human rights situation there, and have reported that for several years in our Human Rights Report,” the State Department official said.

“However, we have consistently urged all parties in Pakistan to work out their differences peaceably and through a valid political process,” the official included.

Many individuals have been executed in Balochistan in assaults on sectarian and ethnic minorities while scores of individuals have vanished. Some of the time, tortured bodies of the individuals who vanish are discovered relinquished in remote territories.

Baloch patriots accuse the security forces for those vanishings, a charge the government rejects as incorrect and blames the militants for grabbing individuals and of slaughtering them when they neglect to get buy-off.

In a speech a week ago, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi too discussed the circumstances in Balochistan and encouraged Indian representatives and the media to highlight this issue.

Pakistan responded furiously to the speech, calling it a break of international norms and interruption in the nation’s power.