Many times during home chores, we have to face little problems that we can actually solve by simple tips. Most of the tips are transferred from generation to generation and are really useful. We are sure that while going through this article, you will find tips about many problems that you have to face in your daily life.


– While cutting or chopping onions, soak them in cold water for few minutes before bringing them to the cutting board to avoid shedding tears.

– Apply toothpaste on an ink stain and leave it to dry. When it is dried completely, wash the cloth.

– To remove that weird smell from refrigerator, place white vinegar in a bowl in it.

– To keep your yogurt fresh for 3 to 4 days, place small coconut pieces in it.

– If honey is applied immediately after a burn, it helps in quick healing.

– Mashed banana can be applied to a burn on body. It gives a cooling effect.

– While chopping vegetables, always use a wooden board. Small pieces of plastic can be mixed with vegetable and this would be harmful for health.

– For sparkling glass bottles, wash them with vinegar and water.

– To check freshness of fish, place it in cold water. If it floats, it is fresh.

– If you put baking soda in an open container in toilet, there will be no bad odor.

Almonds can be peeled off easily if they are soaked in hot water for half an hour.

– To squeeze out maximum juice, soak lemons in hot water for 15 minutes.

Hydrogen peroxide, used in various household tips (totkay), can be useful in removing bloodstains from clothes. Pour it on the stain and wash with cold water. If the stain is not removed completely, the procedure can be repeated.

– Mint leaves can be used to get rid of mosquitoes at night. Place fresh leaves of mint all over the room.

– If you have a body ache, mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder in hot milk and drink. It is also useful for internal injuries and bones.

Massaging skin with olive oil daily in winters gives a healthier look.

– To remove stains from aluminum, rub the stain first with dry salt and then add a little water with it.

– To store brown sugar for longer, refrigerate it.

– To get rid of lizards, hang a peacock feather in the house.

– To chop fresh herbs easily, cut them with scissors instead of knife.

There are number of other tips that you will learn as you start sitting with elderly women. They have a whole treasure of such tips. Just make sure that you’re noting them down somewhere so that you can check your tips index whenever you need them.