When Summer comes, it calls for all the cold, sweet and mouth watering food, but specifically cold. Because of the heat, people prefer having fruit instead of a whole meal, as it soothes and cools down the body tempreature a bit. During Summers Pakistan is blessed with a host of tropical fruits such as; mangos, pineapples, peaches, lychee, watermelons and many more.
One of the most favoured and loved fruits in Pakistan is the Watermelon. With it’s round green outer part it is refreshing to the eye and the sweet watery pink fruit on the inside with it’s black seeds, is what makes a person’s mouth water.
With it’s origin from Africa, where it is found growing in the wild. Watermelon is the food for summers, be it day or night. One can not deny the sweet taste of it’s juice the moment one savours it. It is preferably eatencold
We have heard and read about different fruits benefits but latest studies show , that watermelons have moved up the bench mark. There are many health benefits of having a watermelon.
For all the young and young at heart people out there, this time if your family members stop you from having a sweet delight due to one reason or another, go for the cold yet divine watermelon, as it helps your body increase arginine (which is an amino acid). Arginine is used to manufacture the nitous oxide, which helps relax your blood vessels, therefore having a watermelon can be very helpful in preventing strokes and heart attacks. A watermelon is as good as coconut water. Eating a watermelon can cleanse the kidneys and bladder. If a person suffers from kidney stones, consuming a large quantity of watermelon is one of the ways to get rid of them, as watermelons help cleanse your kidney fast and the rest of the system.
Watermelons contains vitamin C , which can be morale booster for live events during the summer time. The water content in watermelons is viable alternative in supplying water to the whole body and thus can prevent dehydration.
For those who are looking for diet plans and having steamed vegetables, what are you going to do in this hot weather when it is more than 41° outside. Obviously one cannot have hot food, so the quick and easy way out for all the diet planners out there is to have loads and loads of watermelon. As it is a low calorie fruit and good for diet, so you don’t need to worry about gaining weight during the summers and say bye to all that unhealthy fat.
So having a sweet watery pink, ripe watermelon does really work , for wholesome benefit.