SUNDAY TIMES LAHORE: Accountability Judge Jawadul Hassan was hearing the cases as Hamza Shehbaz, the opposition leader in the Punjab Assembly, turned up in the court.

Shehbaz’s lawyer filed an application on behalf of his client seeking exemption from personal appearance in today’s hearing. He contended that the PML-N president, who is in London, will undergo medical tests on June 7.

The counsel said his tests are not possible in Pakistan due to which he had to stay put in the UK capital. He pleaded that his client be granted exemption from today’s hearing.

Previously, the judge recalled the court had generously granted 15-day exemption to Shehbaz. He directed the counsel to apprise him of the PML-N leader’s return date.

The NAB prosecutor said the accused had gone abroad without prior permission of the court which, he said, is akin to mocking the court proceedings. While granting Shehbaz’s request for exemption from personal appearance in today’s hearing, the court adjourned the cases until May 28.