ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insfaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Thursday (today) said he will no longer consider National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq as the speaker of the National Assembly.

He said he no longer considers Ayaz as the National Assembly speaker due to his partiality over the disqualification issue.

“From today I will refer to him as Ayaz Sadiq instead of NA speaker,” Imran said, while adding that instead of progressing, democracy is constantly declining in Pakistan.

Addressing the National Assembly session, Imran said that the nation is losing trust in the country’s democracy.

Khan said that all his assets have been declared twice and he doesn’t need to fear from anyone.

Days after the National Assembly speaker dismissed all references seeking disqualification of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif; Imran attended the National Assembly session to question the decision.

Delving into the issue of rigged elections, the PTI chief said, “We cannot have free and fair elections until we punish those who have been involved in rigging.” He stressed that democracy only progress with strong institutions.

He accused that the opposition is being blackmailed.

He further said that he is being targeted irrationally for exercising the democratic power he has.

Imran Khan accused the National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq of being biased and siding with PM Nawaz Sharif.

“Passing a reference against Imran Khan and denying one against the prime minister has hurt the credibility of the parliament,” Imran said before the House.

He said that Ayaz Sadiq did not read the reference submitted to him by the PTI in detail.

Recalling history Khan said, “PM’s daughter Maryam Nawaz in a private TV channel asserted that they don’t own any businesses or property abroad but what was revealed in the Panama Paper gave a different picture.”

PTI walked out of the ongoing session after Khan delivered his speech.

Addressing the media before arriving at the Parliament House, Imran said, “PM Nawaz is destroying state institutions and in order to save democracy, we must protect these institutions.” He also said that he would raise the issue of references before the assembly.

Ayaz Sadiq dismissed on Monday all references seeking disqualification of PM Nawaz, while sending similar references against two leaders of the PTI to the top poll supervisory body for action.