SUNDAY TIMES ISLAMABAD: He said this while inaugurating ‘Visa Facilitation Center’ along with Qatari Ambassador to Pakistan Saqar bin Mubarak in Islamabad.

“Qatar has promised 100,000 jobs for Pakistani workforce and the process has just started,” Zulfikar Bukhari said adding that the government was committed to the goal of filling 100,000 job vacancies promised by Qatar for Pakistanis and it was in line with the Prime Minister’s vision of creating employment opportunities in and outside Pakistan.

“It is a big moment because Pakistan is one of the eight countries to have a Qatari Visa Facilitation Center for swift processing of workers’ visa,” he said.

“Pakistani skilled labour force will also be employed in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Furthermore, they will also be utilized in other major ventures such as construction projects in Qatar,” he said.

While mentioning the problems of Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia, he said that Pakistan was also engaged in dialogue with Qatari officials to adjust the skilled labour force coming back from Saudi Arabia in Qatar.

While talking to the participants in the inauguration ceremony of the visa center, Saqar Bin Mubarak said that in the past, visa process was handled by the Qatarian government. However, now applicants could get their visas processed and approved through the visa facilitation centre of Qatar in Islamabad.

“The applicants have to get their biometric verification done at these centers. Additionally, medical tests will be conducted to certify their health and fitness. These centers will be opening in other major cities too,” he said.